Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pupils' Response 18 - SA1 Results

The SA1 papers have tested me fairly as they have been quite easy for me. All the subjects were just to let us revise through our learning journey or to test our skills and our teacher's teachings. I have been extremely proud of my SA1 results as some of my marks from the previous years had improved a lot. My tuition classes were effective in my results and the tuition teachers had taught me well. My math tuition was very effective against my results. I think I could revise my subjects little more to improve my subjects even further. My composition writings have also improved by my grammar and language because of my blog posts. I have even more Imagination and Creativity to use in my composition writing. Many subjects have improved thoroughly and I hope to do better in my CA2 and SA2.

Thank You Mr. Roseman and Mr. Koo for teaching me well in my studies.
I hope everyone has a great time during the June holidays.
Happy Holidays To All!!!

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