Monday, August 31, 2009

Pupils' Response 20 - Graciousness

Graciousness is a way you can help each other without showing your anger to anybody. There were times when me or my sister just couldn't resist to show anger. This doesn't show graciousness between the person who showed anger. Some of my friends tried to say more 'Magic Words' to get ice-cream sticks. These acts can show graciousness between one another. Many of us are not gracious at all. Some of us may even say unkind words. I have heard of many rude people who are not thoughtful at all and say unkind words. There was a boy who I saw on 31 August 2009 who just barged and hit Eddy while we were going back from the hall after celebrating Teacher's Day. He even did not say ''Excuse Me" which was very rude. I hope that I won't be seeing more of these rude behaviors. Being gracious is a good way to act to everybody. If everybody can do a part to be gracious, there won't be riots or arguments.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Green Club Journey To Pasir Ris Park

Yesterday, on Friday, my CCA, Green Club brought all the Green Club members to Pasir Ris Park. We assembled in front of the hall staircase at 1:20p.m. The bus arrived at 1:23p.m. We boarded the bus excitedly and the teacher began doing a headcount. There were many Green Club members. My friend, Tan Wei Hong was a Green Leader and the only Green Leader that couldn't go to the excursion. When we arrived there, our teacher, Randy Koo, gave out the worksheets and reminded us to stay together in a group of at least 3 people. We had to do a mangrove worksheet??? I actually didn't know that there was a mangrove in Pasir Ris Park. Our entry fee was ... FREE!!! I had only been to only one mangrove which was Sungei Buloh only for my IT class learning journey. We saw a lot of sign boards. At the entrance, there was a map. Luckily, our worksheet also had a map. I found out a lot when I was in the mangrove. I found out that the St. Andrew cross spider could fold its legs into an 'X'. The Blue Throated Bee Eater can remove the poisonous sting of the bee before eating it, And the Heavy Jumper had 8 legs! We saw a Monitor Lizard ( Komodo Dragon? Maybe). Oops, I forgot to mention my group members, they were Eddy, Zhong Heng, Ashley and me. But it kept changing. Calvin joined some changed some moved, Lim Ji Kang joined. During that time, me, Calvin and Ji Kang heard a roar. Calvin thought that it was an aeroplane, but then said 2 aeroplanes. They said that they have never ever seen two aeroplanes together. Me too, but then I exclaimed, " It is the roar of thunder!" we stayed at the shelter for quite a while. But then, we hurried out. Some of them or should I say all of them went to buy some drinks at a nearby shop. Then some of them wanted to rent bicycles at the nearby shop. Me, Darroy, A ruby guy, Liang Jie and Elliot played together some games like 'Pablo'. Then, at 4:30 p.m. we gathered outside at the bicycle shop. Then, we played for a while until, 4:45 p.m. The bus then arrived. We went back to school, then we could go home.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Cyberwellness 3 - Danger Of Sharing Personal Information

In the cyber networks of online games, we should not share any personal information like our age, birthday of where do we live. Me and my family members are already aware of the consequences sharing personal information will lead to. I have read stories of the dangers of sharing personal information. Some people will try to ask you to meet each other in reality then the person will either try to kidnap you. Some of them would use somebody else's account of create an account in an online game to try to fool some kids who are not aware of dangers of sharing personal information. One of my friends were not aware and shared personal information. But luckily when the mysterious person asked to meet him personal in reality, he couldn't because the mysterious person was living in another country and could not travel to Singapore.

Cyberwellness 2-Handling Inappropriate Content

Handling inappropriate content is not right as some of them contain wrong information. My sister had handled inappropriate content before. I had to force her to close the website and I had to tell my parents about it. My sister felt to ashamed to even utter a word. She was reprimanded profusely for handling inappropriate content without informing us of it. Nowadays, my sister doesn't handle inappropriate content without asking. My mother had the same problem once. But luckily, I informed her that it was inappropriate. It told us to guess a somebody's birthday to win $109, 875, 346, 201. There have been many cases of handling inappropriate content. Now, my family members are aware of the dangers of handling inappropriate content.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cyberwellness - Cyber Addiction (Pupils' Response)

For the past 20 days, I also have been playing a facebook game called 'Crazy Planets'. It is an improved version of the game 'Worms'. I enjoy playing with it and spent at least 30 minutes. It was introduced by my facebook friend. I have also been playing another facebook game called 'MouseHunt', introduced by my schoolmate Eddy. I spend at least 15-60 minutes playing it. I did not realise that I was spending to much time playing those facebook applications. Since then, I have not been aware of revising my schoolwork. I have been spending so much time on playing those applications introduced by my friends that I also didn't spend much time with my family members. I finally realised that something was amiss and shortened the time of the computer play time. I have realised that I have been addicted to playing computer. Now, I have spent more time with my family members and spend at least 40 minutes of my computer. I hope everybody can help to reduce the computer play time which also reduces the use of electricity.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pupils' Response 19-Effects Of Preventive Measures On Pupils

I think that the preventive measures on us would be half-good-half-bad. Many of my friends thought that it was a very good idea as they didn't have to stand up for assembly and sing the School Song, Majulah Singapura and the Pledge. I think that they are too lazy to do the assembly. Some of us didn't really like the time we spent to do the temperature taking as they thought that temperature taking would take too much time. Temperature taking would actually help to check our body temperature to check if I was really sick. There was one when Giovanni said that his temperature was about 37.6 celcius. I don't think that Giovanni was trying to go home by pretending that his temperature is 37.6 celcius. The CCAs were actually cancelled but my chinese teacher ( Who is actually my CCA (Green Club) teacher) said that Green Club still continued. There was proof as Wei Hong said that there really was Green Club. He even asked me at Facebook ( chat to dicuss about thje Green Club CCA. During the extra time, actually replaced with the CCA time, I usually have my tuition classes.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Reflections~ Influenza A H1N1

A) 5 things you know or learnt about H1N1 flu:
  1. It was commonly known as Swineflu.
  2. It spreads easily through contact.
  3. Singapore currently has 500 over cases.
  4. We can prevent H1N1 by maintaining personal hygiene.
  5. H1N1 started with pigs being affected with the flu.
B) 5 things you learnt from the 3 videos:
  1. We have to wash our hands thoroughly to prevent dirty bacteria from staying in our hands.
  2. We should not share food with others.
  3. Cover your mouth or nose when you sneeze or cough.
  4. We should wash our hands before eating.
  5. We cannot eat food which contain harmful bacteria.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pupils' Response 18 - SA1 Results

The SA1 papers have tested me fairly as they have been quite easy for me. All the subjects were just to let us revise through our learning journey or to test our skills and our teacher's teachings. I have been extremely proud of my SA1 results as some of my marks from the previous years had improved a lot. My tuition classes were effective in my results and the tuition teachers had taught me well. My math tuition was very effective against my results. I think I could revise my subjects little more to improve my subjects even further. My composition writings have also improved by my grammar and language because of my blog posts. I have even more Imagination and Creativity to use in my composition writing. Many subjects have improved thoroughly and I hope to do better in my CA2 and SA2.

Thank You Mr. Roseman and Mr. Koo for teaching me well in my studies.
I hope everyone has a great time during the June holidays.
Happy Holidays To All!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pupils' Response 17 - H1N1 Flu

Influenza A (H1N1) is a new strain of influenza virus that spreads easily from human to human and could spread quickly worldwide leading to a pandemic flu outbreak. The disease was known as Swineflu because it has some elements of a virus found in pigs. But the world Health Organization now refers it to Influenza A.

Like other flu viruses, Influenza A virus is spread mainly through people with flu, coughing or sneezing. Sometimes people may be affected by touching something with flu virus on it and then touching their mouth or nose. Like the regular human flu, common symptoms are high fever , with cough, sore throat, runny nose, muscle ache and tiredness. You are strongly advised to postpone or avoid non-essential travel to mexico and affected areas. If travel to such areas is unavoidable, please take precautionary measures and maintain good hygiene practises. Novartis AG expects a vaccine for Influenza A (H1N1) virus, declared responsible for the 21st century's first flu pademic, to be available by the Autumn after producing the first batch ahead of schedule.

You can do your part to prevent Influenza A by:
  • Avoiding contact with people with symptoms of Influenza A
  • Seeing a doctor and staying at home if you are unwell. If you need to go out, avoid crowded places, buses, trains and wear a surgical mask to cover your nose and mouth.
  • Observe good personal environmental hygiene. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water frequently and after coughing or sneezing.
  • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing.
  • Maintain good body resistance through a balanced diet, regular exercise, getting adequate rest, redusing stress and not smoking.
Quick Facts about Influenza A (H1N1-2009) from

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pupils' Response 15-Classroom Cleanliness

My class, P3.2, is sometimes clean and sometimes dirty when we get to the classroom every morning at 8:00 a.m. We usually have to clean it by either sweeping the whole room or cleaning the whiteboard. My classmates would either do it when Mr. Roseman is not around or when he is teaching us. But I think that we should not clean the classroom when the teacher is around. Instead, we should listen attentively to our teacher's instructions, advice of knowledge. My classmates all love to use the broom to sweep the floor. When the teacher isn't in the class, my classmates may even fight and snatch the broom.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Miniclip Games

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pupils' Response 16-Kindness

Introduction To The Singapore Kindness Movement
The Singapore Kindness Movement has designated April as the month of kindness.We are coming to the end of April. In 1996's New Year message, Prime Minister Gok Chok Tok highlighted the need of Singapore to become a gracious society by the 21st century. The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) encourages Singaporeans to make a positive commitment to gracious living to simple acts of kindness. Kindness is in everyone. SKM encourages everyone to start showing kindness. We should be considerate and kind to each other. Social Behaviour followed by a strong economy and good goverment will make Singapore a good place to live in.
A Gracious Singapore, one kind act at a time.

Culture, heritage, education and civic-mindedness make up a gracious society.

One whereby people appreciate spiritual development and the arts - the finer things in life.

One whereby people know their roots and are tolerant of that of the others.

One whereby people have a strong desire for learning and reading, beyond the pursuit of academic qualifications.

One whereby people lend themselves readily to acts of kindness, volunteer work and philanthropy etc for the betterment of society.

It's the little pieces that form the big picture.

With every small act of kindness, we create a pleasant society with good social behaviour, and make life better for everyone.
So start, show and share kindness today.

Kindness, Bring it on!
Please go to for more information about the Singapore Kindness Movement.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Giant Ant-Eater

From this picture,I know that:
  1. At November 2005,Night Safari welcomed their first baby anteater.
  2. Ant-eaters are threatened with habitat-loss and hunting.
  3. Ant-eaters live in the grasslands and forests of south and central America.
  4. Ant-eaters feed on ants and termites.
  5. Ant -eaters can consume up to 30,000 per day.
  6. Ant-eaters have a keen sense of smell to sniff out ant nests and termite mounds of savannah and open woodlands of South America.
  7. Ant-eaters are toothless but can crush ants and termites which have a hard exoskeleton.

Pupil's Response 14-Earth Day

Earth day is at the 22nd of to inspire appreciation and awareness to earth's environment.Earth Day was found by Gaylon Nelson as an environment teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated by many countries each year.It is held annually during both spring in the northern hemisphere and also in the southern hemisphere.

My CCA,green club has its green leaders to organise fun activities to help save the earth. There have been many natural disasters lately. We need to practice Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.

We should reduce the use of many things like plastic bags.

Reusing is to use an item more than once.

Recycling involves in processing used materials to make new products. Recycable materials include glass,paper metal,textiles and electronics.

Unofficial Earth Day Flag

Pupil's Response 13-International Friendship Day

International friendship day is when people from other countries or different ethic groups become friends. Our school is focused on friendship within ASEAN.We have many different kinds of skin tone or hair colours. But that doesn't mean that we cannot make friends with people from other ethic groups. Many of us are from different countries. But that doesn't make a difference within us. We can make friends with people from different countries, skin tone, hair colour or ethic group. ASEAN means association of south east Asia nations.The nations are Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand,Philipines,Brunei,Burma(Myanmar),Cambodia,Laos and Vietnam.Asean is commonly called ASA.Its aims include acceleration of economic growth and social progress.

Flag of ASEAN:

Pupil's Response 12-Improving The School

The school has many facilities that are about studies or your free time activities. But there are many special facilities in the future like air-conditioners.Mrs Nam told us about the loss of many schoolbags.We have to do our part and take care of our own bags.Like my friends at green club,they always put their bags at `Green Breeze'.This may cause the stealing like the incident about the bags stolen.And,some people may leave their bags at their classroom and go out to play.Many of us tend to lose our things accidentally.But there is a way that we can prevent the loss of things by taking care of our personal belongings.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Trip To Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve (1st Trip-15Apr'09)

I went to school early and sat at the Hatsuyume Square and took out my book to read.We had the flag raising session and soon,we were at the canteen having a break and waiting for the bus. Before we went up the bus, Mr Justin told us about what our behaviour should be like once we get to Sungei Buloh.

In the middle of the bus ride, everyone saw a railway. Mr Justin explained to us that the railway belonged to Malaysia.No wonder there was a traffic jam.The whole road belonged to Malaysia all because of the railway.We all got there at about 9:00a.m.We saw a bird's nest fern right at the left of our bus.

We saw the sign which read "Sungei Buloh".We had finally reached Sungei Buloh.I was surprised as we didn't need to pay any money.First,we went to the theatre.We watched about the kind of animals living in sungei buloh.Once we went out of the theatre,it was already raining.We had no choice of going inside to see the swamp animals.We went to the exhibitions and used the UMPCs to scan the barcodes there.Each barcode showed us a website that had questions we had to answer.After scanning the barcodes,we did a worksheet about all of the exhibitions.

Luckily,I saw a small malayan water monitor lizard sunbathing at the boardwalk entrance as the rain stopped and the sun came out.
It was so sad that we coudn't see other animals. Mr Justin informed us that we would go to Sungei Buloh next Monday.I can't wait for Monday to come!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Interesting Letters

This picture shows a kids about our age writing letters to Chicky.There are 3 kids writing letters.These are the kids:
  1. Jasslyn,7 years old
  2. Bernice Lee M.H.
  3. Keith Vong,7 years old.

These are good puzzles for us to let us learn new things to enhance our knowledge or skills.

To learn more about riddles or puzzles,you can refer to the websites below.

Pupil's Response 11-Healthy Food

There are many healthy foods in this world.But there are not only healthy foods,food that we should eat in moderation.Food are usually made of carbohydrates,fats,protein and water.They can be eaten or drunk for nutrition.They may be sourced from plants,animals or other sources like fungus.An example of The fungus which is edible is the mushroom.There are many food items got from hunting and gathering.All meat,sweets,alcohol,oil,sugar and salt are unhealthy. or food that we should only eat or drink in moderation.The types of food we need to eat daily are fruits and vegetables.You should eat a serving of vegetables and a serving of fruit each day.You must eat a variety of healthy foods.Eating foods that are not cooked properly will lead to food poisoning or diarrhoea.They are caused by bacteria,toxins,viruses,parasites and prions.


Ques:Why don't meteorologists like to dine out at the moon?
Ans:The moon has no atmosphere.

Ques:What is a tornado's favourite game?

Ques:What STORM happens in your brain?
Ans:A Brainstorm

How To Prevent Hurricanes

  1. Build Large fans on the coast to blow away approaching storms.
  2. Coat the surface of the water with olive oil in order to prevent evaporation.
  3. Tow an iceberg down to the nearest sea to cool down the temperature.

Pupil's Response 10-Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a day to participate in the help of preventing Global Warming to cause any more harm to the lives of needy people.There are many needy people in the world wanting to get food,water or clean air.These are the needs of us,human beings.We just litter anywhere we go or at anytime we are at.There are many causes of Global Warming.And we only have one person to blame,us.The world is getting warmer and warmer by days and weeks.During Earth hour,we have to off all electrical appliances to save enough energy to use.People should off appliances during Earth Hour.

Together,we can help to save the world from all the chaos humans have made.

The Smart Surfers

There are many rules in the cyber world.The rules include cyberbullying and the importance of netiquette.

Lesson 1
Respect all the people chatting with you.You should not follow people's instructions in the cyber world.

Lesson 2
Do not give out any personal information about where you live or how old are you.

Lesson 3
Do not try getting into others accounts.This will give out information to others.

Lesson 4
Never go to the internet to search for information to cheat for exams.

Lesson 5
Do not download anything without any adult's permission.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Birds are winged,bipedal,endothermic vertebrate animals that lay eggs.There are around 10,000 species making them the most numerous vertebrates.They inhabit ecosystems through the globe,from Arctic to Antarctic. They range in the size 5cm(Bee Humming Bird)to 2.7m(Ostrich).Their fossils recorded that birds evolved from dinosaurs during the Jurassic period.The earliest bird known in the Late Jurassic is the Archaeopteryx.Paleontologists regard birds as the only dinosaurs that survived during the Cretaceous period from the extinction event.

Modern birds are characterised by feathers, a beak with no teeth, the laying of hard-shelled eggs, a high metabolic rate, a four-chambered heart, and a lightweight but strong skeleton.All kinds of birds have forelimbs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

School Holiday Fun-2 Puzzles

Top Picture / Bottom Picture
1. Window panes are yellow / Window panes are white
2. Painting is bold / Painting is black
3. Drawing palette has different colours
4. Rear of stage has a stack of papers/Rear of stage doesn't have any paper
5. Window has less lines/Window has more lines
6. Tomato is carrying a green bag/Tomato is carrying an orange bag
7. Paintbrush is orange/Paintbrush is purple.
8. Cheese's cap is dark blue/Cheese's cap is a lighter blue
9. Background's floor has no stripes/Background's floor has stripes
10. Stage colour orange and red/Stage colour is orange and brown.
I have been trying to decipher the hidden message since Monday through the computer screen. Today, my father printed out a copy of this picture. After careful observation, we find out that the method to understand the message is by looking at the printout at certain angles and look carefully to get the message. The messages are:

Message 1 - At first you only see
Message 2 - Weird shapes and lines
Message 3 - Then somebody helps
Message 4 - And a miracle happens

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pupil's Response 9-Track And Field Day

Does anybody know that my school, Anderson Primary School has a Track And Field Meet or Sports Day every year? Me and the Green Leaders were at the canteen waiting for the teacher of Green Club which is called Mr Randy Koo. We were waiting at school in Anderson Primary at 6:30 a.m. which is pretty early. We had tongs to prepare to pick up the plastic bottles at Yio Chu Kang Stadium. That was where the Track And Field Meet was held. Keith held the tongs for later use and some of us had to carry some plastic bags to store them.

Everyone was wearing their P.E. attires as P.E. means Physical Education. The stadium was packed like sardines as even some of the pupils in Anderson Primary came in early. After the morning sun, the blazing hot sun became drier. First,we headed to our classes to mark the attendance. For the P.E. groups,there were made of names of jewels which were Topaz,Sapphire,Ruby and Emerald.

I didn't like the Track And Field Day as the cheering almost made our lungs fly out of our mouth. After a hard time cheering we finally had to go to the school bus to send us back to school. I think that the 1st group was Sapphire, 2nd was Topaz, 3rd was Emerald and the last was Ruby. The Green Club Members were the earliest to arrive back at school.

The Green Club members had to stack all the plastic bottles in a neat and orderly way. Mr Eric Lee, also with Mr Koo helped to take a picture of us with the neat and tidy plastic bottles. I was quite sad as our group,Topaz had got into 2nd.

The P1s and P2s had their Sports Celebration which is called Sports Day. I hope that our group wins the other groups next year.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

History Of Singapore's Currency

In this world,every country has its different money.These are some examples.

a) Ringgit - Malaysia
b) Rupiah - Indonesia
c) Renminbi - China
d) Peso - Philippine
e) Euro - European
f) Rupee - India
g) Pound - British

These were the time that the Orchid series were issued.
a) Orchid series - 1967 - 1976

This series has nine denominations. The dominant feature is a spray of orchid in the centre of the front of each note. On the front, all notes have the Singapore Arms, a watermark of a lion's head and the signature of the Minister for Finance and Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore. With the exception of the $10,000 note which has two security threads, each note has a single thread embedded vertically across the note. A scene of Singapore is depicted on the back.

These were the time that the Bird series were issued.
b) Bird series - 1976 - 1984

This series also has nine denominations as in the first except that a $20 note was introduced to replace the $25 note of the Orchid series. The dominant feature is a bird on the left side of the front of each note. The birds depicted on the notes are noted for their strength, adaptability and independence which characterize the young Republic of Singapore with the potential of soaring to greater heights in its progress.On the front, all notes have the Singapore Arms, a watermark of a lion's head and the signature and seal of Minister for Finance and Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore. With the exception of the $1,000 and $10,000 notes which have two security threads, each note has a security thread embedded vertically across it.

These were the time that the Ship series were issued.
c) Ship series - 1984 - 1999

As was with the previous 2 series, the Ship series also has nine denominations. The denominations are similar except that the previous $20 note was discontinued and a new denomination of $2 note was introduced. The pictorial and aesthetic themes of this series are based on maritime vessels and the modern development of Singapore. The vignettes on the front of the Ship notes depict vessels that have plied the waters of Singapore over the centuries. The series starts with the merchant craft of bygone days, and progresses to the modern bulk carrier which is featured on the highest denomination. The series pays contribution of merchant shipping to the development of Singapore from an entrepot trading centre to the busiest port in the world.

On the front, all notes have the Singapore Arms, a watermark of a lion's head and the signature and seal of Minister for Finance and Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore. On the front centre panel are creatures from Chinese mythology printed in colour lithographic offset prints. Each note has a security thread embedded vertically across it.

On the reverse of the notes are scenes depicting Singapore's achievements in the fields of communication, housing, defence and port management. The orchid featured on the back of all the Ship series notes is the national flower of Singapore, Vanda Miss Joaquim.

The three properties of an ideal currency note are:

a) High quality paper. A counterfeit note is usually printed on lower quality paper and has a smooth and waxy feel.
b) Watermark. The watermark on a counterfeit note is clearly visible without requiring the
note to be held against the light. It lacks the three-dimensional effect.

c) The micro-lettering. The micro-lettering is not present in a counterfeit note.

My parents like the Orchid series the most as the Orchid represents the Singapore flower and looks the best.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Pupil's Response 8-Fire Safety

Singapore is facing dry weather which may cause injuries or accidents to happen. If there were a fire at your block,you should not panic or faint.

My friend had told me about a fire accident near his house.He said that a fire started at a supermarket called 'Sheng Siong'. The stocks were stacked high above.The fire reached the top of the stocks and burnt them up.

When there is a fire,you should crawl to get out or else the smoke will go into your lungs. If you catch a fire,you should stop,drop and roll. The best way to prevent a fire is to not let any children play with things that produce fire.

I don't think that a fire will start in my school (Anderson Primary School ) because there is a fire alarm and fire extinguisher. If there are people who play with fire,there is likely to be a fire accident. The number you should dial is 995.

The cause of dry weather is about Global Warming.That will happen in the future if nobody cares for the environment.My school has a place which has bins encourage us to recycle. I am in a CCA which wants the people in to protect the enviroment.

Sometimes,fire can be useful and fire can be harmful.

The advantages are they are used for cooking. At the age of the cavemen, we believed that they used fire to light up caves they lived in. Thunder can cause fire by hitting trees.

The disadvantages are that they harm people or take away peoples lives.So,adults,please let your children stay away from fire.

For more information,please go to

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are small insects which suck blood.They do not eat the blood but they use it for protein which develops their young.Most mosquitos will bite at dawn or dusk.The infection which they inject is called dengue fever.The aedes mosquito carries the disease.The aedes mosquito is easily identified by its black and white body.All mosquitoes have two wings.Unlike the other insects,the mosquito has scales on its wings.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pupil's Response 7-Reading Is Good And Fun

Every day,I have to read a book.It is one of my hobbies.The thing that I like about reading is it enhances our knowledge.My favourite books are 'Young Scientists' and 'Geronimo Stilton".Reading lets us enter the world of knowledge which helps us with our schoolwork.Some books even tell us about facts.Some people read books when somebody is talking.This should not be done as the information that people give would all go into the drain.Some people even read books which are joke books.The best books to read are books with good information like science books,Chinese books or word learning books.You should get more time to read fiction books.You could even borrow some from the library.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pupil's Response 6-Using A Personal Computer To Do Your Schoolwork


1.It helps you get more new information.

2.You can use it for research.

3.You can create a blogger for a diary.

4.It can be used to watch videos.

5.It also improves your knowledge.

6.You can use it for communication near or far.

7.Its also used for entertainment.


1.You can become a game addict.

2.You'll be more lazy.

3.It may spoil your eyesight.

4.There may be cyber bullies.

5.It may also restart if you leave it open.

Pupil's Response-5 Outside School Activities

I have outdoor classes which are tuition classes.At Tuesday,I have a Chinese tuition teacher which comes to my house and teaches me.For Wednesday,I have and English teacher which teaches me at her house in Hougang.At Saturday,I have a Science tuition class which is called Science Buddies,I also have a piano tuition which is every Friday.All of the tuition classes are about 1 hour and 30 minutes.It helps me and enhances my knowledge.I don't feel stressed doing all those activities as everyday I have one.So,if you have any activities,you should do it properly.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pupil's Response 4-Passion For Learning

Passion for learning means that the student likes learning.When the pupil likes learning,when he does his work,he will put in more effort to learn in order to understand more.When my mother was young, my grandmother was a teacher and my grandfather was a principal. She had always score well as she liked learning. My father had the same experience, but his father & mother were not teachers nor principal. With his effort, now my father has become Principal Engineer. But I did not really like to put a lot of effort in learning. My mother has always told me to break that habit. But now, I learn better and faster than what I used to. I like to learn things which required experiment. Now I am attending tuition which has a lot experiments.