Friday, January 30, 2009

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year was a fun and also happy.My family and I went to my cousin's house I played the computer AQ(Adventure Quest Worlds).It was an online game so me and my cousin played happily.After playing,we watched a show which were performed by my cousin,Alison and my sister,Alice.
Next,we had the photo-taking session.My cousin,Aaron Shi did not like it.After that,we continued playing the computer.I changed it to Poptropica.My sister liked it and created her own account.
Lastly,we were going back home.But my cousins wanted to follow us.After a while,they could go.At home,me and my cousin,Aaron played the Wii.After a while we changed to in-line skating.While playing,my father got a new game for my DS.It was called Di-Gata Defenders.We went to the car and got to North Point.We ate Swensents and finally,we brought our cousins home and went home happily.It is the year of the ox.
Have a happy and prosperous New Year!!!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!