Monday, March 02, 2009

Pupil's Response 8-Fire Safety

Singapore is facing dry weather which may cause injuries or accidents to happen. If there were a fire at your block,you should not panic or faint.

My friend had told me about a fire accident near his house.He said that a fire started at a supermarket called 'Sheng Siong'. The stocks were stacked high above.The fire reached the top of the stocks and burnt them up.

When there is a fire,you should crawl to get out or else the smoke will go into your lungs. If you catch a fire,you should stop,drop and roll. The best way to prevent a fire is to not let any children play with things that produce fire.

I don't think that a fire will start in my school (Anderson Primary School ) because there is a fire alarm and fire extinguisher. If there are people who play with fire,there is likely to be a fire accident. The number you should dial is 995.

The cause of dry weather is about Global Warming.That will happen in the future if nobody cares for the environment.My school has a place which has bins encourage us to recycle. I am in a CCA which wants the people in to protect the enviroment.

Sometimes,fire can be useful and fire can be harmful.

The advantages are they are used for cooking. At the age of the cavemen, we believed that they used fire to light up caves they lived in. Thunder can cause fire by hitting trees.

The disadvantages are that they harm people or take away peoples lives.So,adults,please let your children stay away from fire.

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