Friday, March 13, 2009

Pupil's Response 9-Track And Field Day

Does anybody know that my school, Anderson Primary School has a Track And Field Meet or Sports Day every year? Me and the Green Leaders were at the canteen waiting for the teacher of Green Club which is called Mr Randy Koo. We were waiting at school in Anderson Primary at 6:30 a.m. which is pretty early. We had tongs to prepare to pick up the plastic bottles at Yio Chu Kang Stadium. That was where the Track And Field Meet was held. Keith held the tongs for later use and some of us had to carry some plastic bags to store them.

Everyone was wearing their P.E. attires as P.E. means Physical Education. The stadium was packed like sardines as even some of the pupils in Anderson Primary came in early. After the morning sun, the blazing hot sun became drier. First,we headed to our classes to mark the attendance. For the P.E. groups,there were made of names of jewels which were Topaz,Sapphire,Ruby and Emerald.

I didn't like the Track And Field Day as the cheering almost made our lungs fly out of our mouth. After a hard time cheering we finally had to go to the school bus to send us back to school. I think that the 1st group was Sapphire, 2nd was Topaz, 3rd was Emerald and the last was Ruby. The Green Club Members were the earliest to arrive back at school.

The Green Club members had to stack all the plastic bottles in a neat and orderly way. Mr Eric Lee, also with Mr Koo helped to take a picture of us with the neat and tidy plastic bottles. I was quite sad as our group,Topaz had got into 2nd.

The P1s and P2s had their Sports Celebration which is called Sports Day. I hope that our group wins the other groups next year.

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