Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pupil's Response 11-Healthy Food

There are many healthy foods in this world.But there are not only healthy foods,food that we should eat in moderation.Food are usually made of carbohydrates,fats,protein and water.They can be eaten or drunk for nutrition.They may be sourced from plants,animals or other sources like fungus.An example of The fungus which is edible is the mushroom.There are many food items got from hunting and gathering.All meat,sweets,alcohol,oil,sugar and salt are unhealthy. or food that we should only eat or drink in moderation.The types of food we need to eat daily are fruits and vegetables.You should eat a serving of vegetables and a serving of fruit each day.You must eat a variety of healthy foods.Eating foods that are not cooked properly will lead to food poisoning or diarrhoea.They are caused by bacteria,toxins,viruses,parasites and prions.

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