Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Trip To Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve (1st Trip-15Apr'09)

I went to school early and sat at the Hatsuyume Square and took out my book to read.We had the flag raising session and soon,we were at the canteen having a break and waiting for the bus. Before we went up the bus, Mr Justin told us about what our behaviour should be like once we get to Sungei Buloh.

In the middle of the bus ride, everyone saw a railway. Mr Justin explained to us that the railway belonged to Malaysia.No wonder there was a traffic jam.The whole road belonged to Malaysia all because of the railway.We all got there at about 9:00a.m.We saw a bird's nest fern right at the left of our bus.

We saw the sign which read "Sungei Buloh".We had finally reached Sungei Buloh.I was surprised as we didn't need to pay any money.First,we went to the theatre.We watched about the kind of animals living in sungei buloh.Once we went out of the theatre,it was already raining.We had no choice of going inside to see the swamp animals.We went to the exhibitions and used the UMPCs to scan the barcodes there.Each barcode showed us a website that had questions we had to answer.After scanning the barcodes,we did a worksheet about all of the exhibitions.

Luckily,I saw a small malayan water monitor lizard sunbathing at the boardwalk entrance as the rain stopped and the sun came out.
It was so sad that we coudn't see other animals. Mr Justin informed us that we would go to Sungei Buloh next Monday.I can't wait for Monday to come!

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