Monday, July 13, 2009

Pupils' Response 19-Effects Of Preventive Measures On Pupils

I think that the preventive measures on us would be half-good-half-bad. Many of my friends thought that it was a very good idea as they didn't have to stand up for assembly and sing the School Song, Majulah Singapura and the Pledge. I think that they are too lazy to do the assembly. Some of us didn't really like the time we spent to do the temperature taking as they thought that temperature taking would take too much time. Temperature taking would actually help to check our body temperature to check if I was really sick. There was one when Giovanni said that his temperature was about 37.6 celcius. I don't think that Giovanni was trying to go home by pretending that his temperature is 37.6 celcius. The CCAs were actually cancelled but my chinese teacher ( Who is actually my CCA (Green Club) teacher) said that Green Club still continued. There was proof as Wei Hong said that there really was Green Club. He even asked me at Facebook ( chat to dicuss about thje Green Club CCA. During the extra time, actually replaced with the CCA time, I usually have my tuition classes.

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