Friday, July 17, 2009

Cyberwellness - Cyber Addiction (Pupils' Response)

For the past 20 days, I also have been playing a facebook game called 'Crazy Planets'. It is an improved version of the game 'Worms'. I enjoy playing with it and spent at least 30 minutes. It was introduced by my facebook friend. I have also been playing another facebook game called 'MouseHunt', introduced by my schoolmate Eddy. I spend at least 15-60 minutes playing it. I did not realise that I was spending to much time playing those facebook applications. Since then, I have not been aware of revising my schoolwork. I have been spending so much time on playing those applications introduced by my friends that I also didn't spend much time with my family members. I finally realised that something was amiss and shortened the time of the computer play time. I have realised that I have been addicted to playing computer. Now, I have spent more time with my family members and spend at least 40 minutes of my computer. I hope everybody can help to reduce the computer play time which also reduces the use of electricity.

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