Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Green Club Journey To Pasir Ris Park

Yesterday, on Friday, my CCA, Green Club brought all the Green Club members to Pasir Ris Park. We assembled in front of the hall staircase at 1:20p.m. The bus arrived at 1:23p.m. We boarded the bus excitedly and the teacher began doing a headcount. There were many Green Club members. My friend, Tan Wei Hong was a Green Leader and the only Green Leader that couldn't go to the excursion. When we arrived there, our teacher, Randy Koo, gave out the worksheets and reminded us to stay together in a group of at least 3 people. We had to do a mangrove worksheet??? I actually didn't know that there was a mangrove in Pasir Ris Park. Our entry fee was ... FREE!!! I had only been to only one mangrove which was Sungei Buloh only for my IT class learning journey. We saw a lot of sign boards. At the entrance, there was a map. Luckily, our worksheet also had a map. I found out a lot when I was in the mangrove. I found out that the St. Andrew cross spider could fold its legs into an 'X'. The Blue Throated Bee Eater can remove the poisonous sting of the bee before eating it, And the Heavy Jumper had 8 legs! We saw a Monitor Lizard ( Komodo Dragon? Maybe). Oops, I forgot to mention my group members, they were Eddy, Zhong Heng, Ashley and me. But it kept changing. Calvin joined some changed some moved, Lim Ji Kang joined. During that time, me, Calvin and Ji Kang heard a roar. Calvin thought that it was an aeroplane, but then said 2 aeroplanes. They said that they have never ever seen two aeroplanes together. Me too, but then I exclaimed, " It is the roar of thunder!" we stayed at the shelter for quite a while. But then, we hurried out. Some of them or should I say all of them went to buy some drinks at a nearby shop. Then some of them wanted to rent bicycles at the nearby shop. Me, Darroy, A ruby guy, Liang Jie and Elliot played together some games like 'Pablo'. Then, at 4:30 p.m. we gathered outside at the bicycle shop. Then, we played for a while until, 4:45 p.m. The bus then arrived. We went back to school, then we could go home.

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