Tuesday, March 17, 2009

School Holiday Fun-2 Puzzles

Top Picture / Bottom Picture
1. Window panes are yellow / Window panes are white
2. Painting is bold / Painting is black
3. Drawing palette has different colours
4. Rear of stage has a stack of papers/Rear of stage doesn't have any paper
5. Window has less lines/Window has more lines
6. Tomato is carrying a green bag/Tomato is carrying an orange bag
7. Paintbrush is orange/Paintbrush is purple.
8. Cheese's cap is dark blue/Cheese's cap is a lighter blue
9. Background's floor has no stripes/Background's floor has stripes
10. Stage colour orange and red/Stage colour is orange and brown.
I have been trying to decipher the hidden message since Monday through the computer screen. Today, my father printed out a copy of this picture. After careful observation, we find out that the method to understand the message is by looking at the printout at certain angles and look carefully to get the message. The messages are:

Message 1 - At first you only see
Message 2 - Weird shapes and lines
Message 3 - Then somebody helps
Message 4 - And a miracle happens

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  1. hi. I recently received this puzzle and cannot understand it. Are those four messages the answers? How can I see it?